Frugal Shopping

We all look for unusual ways to find coupons but recently there are new ways to update your strategy with social media it is a whole new ballgame. Here's some spots to add to your coupon collecting strategy.
Hit up a live chat operator - asked for a coupon when shopping online. Tell them you're a starving college student and you can afford to pay for shipping charges. The key is to be polite and you will be amazed at how many online stores allow chat operators to hand out a coupon code if you ask.
Store bathroom - often companies such as Harbor freight tools will put a 25% off coupon in a weekly flyer in their restroom.
Airports - inside the lounge areas and technology kiosks where frequent flyers tend to hang out and keep an eye out for Southwest drink coupons.
Don't buy it, you might get rewarded - the next time you're shopping online and about to make a significant purchase do not click the finalize button. Instead close the browser, go grab a drink and wait for a coupon. Many online retailers like Best Buy, Bass Pro shops and have been known to send you a coupon through email to entice you to come back and finalize your purchase.
10% Coupon Bristol County Tweet for discounts - make sure you are following your favorite retailers on twitter. A majority of retailers are now using their Twitter feeds as a way to stay in touch with her loyal customer base and handout coupons and insider tips on upcoming sales and promotions.
Scour the parking lot - it's amazing how many coupons you can find laying around in a parking lot or as well as entrance to stores as people discard them when they arenít needed and they don't always make it to the trash. Look for store flyers near cash registers and dressing rooms.
Buddy up with an employee - get to know an employee at your favorite stores especially like Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware. Once you befriend them they are likely to tell you of upcoming sales and coupon events.
Buy cheap coupons on - eBay has currently over 100,000 listings selling coupons for not only the grocery store but other large retailers. Buying coupons off eBay makes sense on larger purchases things like flooring for your home, a new television from Best Buy or clothing from American Eagle. Buying a 25% off coupon for a few dollars gains savings. eBay coupons sometimes hard to find. Me sure to join their mailing list for special savings.
Pay someone else to clip your coupons - there are actually companies who will clip your coupons for a fee. The eBay.
Hop on the coupon train - get on board as a coupon train works by the conductor mailing 50 to 200 coupons to the first person on the coupon tray list then the next person males what they didn't need to the next person on the list and so on.
Student unions - one can find subway coupons found in student unions and campus post offices.
Cereal boxes - cereal boxes still contain a coupon or two.
Waiter or waitress - ask your waiter or waitress if they have a coupon for the next time you come to eat. You can say something like" I absolutely love my meal and was wondering if you have any coupons for the next time I come in?"