Bristol County Beekeeping Group Wants to Share The Therapeutic Art With Local Veterans

Bees are constantly buzzing around in a frantic hurry but as a beekeeper you are anything but stressed. In short, it is a highly therapeutic practice. This is the root idea for the 'Bees for Vets: Quiet Mind Therapy' program. The organized group has raised adequate funds to equip each veteran at no charge with everything they need to take up the beekeeping practice.
The 'Bee Informed' part of the program will provide every necessary resource needed for the practice of beekeeping including all tools, bees, bee suit and training. Plus, the program provides continual support for the veteran beekeepers when needed.
All that the program is currently missing are veterans who are interested in taking up this highly rewarding activity. Any and all veterans interested in aiding our pollinators are welcome! This program is modeled after the very successful Bees for Vets program that has helped many traumatized veterans to live a stress free life.
The world of beekeeping can help calm harmful thoughts of the past. This is message the program would love to share with others. Quietness of the mind is reaped when witnessing the joys of beekeeping. Plus, beekeeping takes very little time and is a commitment that one can easily manage while taking part in various other activities or even a full time job.
The programs current beekeeper group explain that is is highly interesting to observe the bees at work. They are so organized and everything has a purpose. They compare beekeeping to gardening as you get to feel the satisfaction when you watch something you have cultivated with great care grow into something magnificent.
Bee Therapy Bristol County Another part of the therapeutic quality of beekeeping is that you must calm yourself in order to perform the hobby. If you are stressed the bees will pick up on it. It is nice to know for a certain part of your day you must be calm. It really takes the worry off of your burdens. The program has currently raised enough funds to sponsor one veteran beekeeper ($850) through a fundraiser of selling 2017 Beekeeper’s Calendars plus donations. Even if the veteran does not obtain a suitable backyard for a bees hive the problem can be solved through using a current member’s yard.
The main mission of 'Bee Informed' is to educate the public on the current decline of the honey bee population. Their goal is to raise awareness of how important bees and pollinators are to the food supply. Many people are lured into beekeeping by the benefit of producing sweet honey. While honey is an awesome byproduct it is not the main focus of beekeeping. The real reward is cultivating a hive of bees full of life. It is a form of giving back to our very fragile world.
Any Bristol County veteran interested in becoming a beekeeper can contact Kratsa Hoak by phone at (508) 823-3187.